Kingdom Key

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Book 1: Searching For the Kingdom Key

Book 2: Shadows of the Night
Book 3: Too Long a Soldier 

Book 4: Dirty Deeds
Book 5: Purgatory
Book 6: Out of the Ruins

Book 7: There and Back Again

Book 8 Ties That Bind
Book 9:  Rise
Book 10: Dream On

Music figures large in the telling of this saga.
Soundtrack lists are for listening to while you read, if you so choose.

They help to set the tone for the novels.
Some of the most important songs are listed below with links to lyrics.

For simplicity (and for now), songs are sorted first by artist and then the albums on which they appear.

There are many hundreds of others, but these are the most important.

Pat Benatar

Every Benatar song is included,
but these are the ones most frequently referenced.


If You Think You Know How to Love Me  Lyrics

In the Heat of the Night       Lyrics

Not You Don’t                       Lyrics

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Promises in the Dark            Lyrics

Helter Skelter                          Lyrics

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Shadows of the Night           Lyrics

Silent Partner                          Lyrics

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Painted Desert          Lyrics

Outlaw Blues         (acoustic)   Lyrics

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Walking in the Underground              Lyrics

Big Life  Lyrics

Red Vision             Lyrics

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Outlaw Blues                          Lyrics

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This is the electrified version.
The acoustic is on the
Tropico album


Too Long a Soldier   Lyrics               

All Fired Up                           Lyrics

Let’s Stay Together              Lyrics

Don’t Walk Away                Lyrics

Cerebral Man                          Lyrics

Wide Awake in Dreamland                Lyrics

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True Love               Lyrics

Evening   Lyrics

Don’t Happen No More  Lyrics

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Kingdom Key                         Lyrics  

Everybody Lay Down Lyrics

Ties that Bind                         Lyrics

Disconnected                          Lyrics

Crazy                                         Lyrics

Sanctuary                                Lyrics

Rise (Part 2)                            Lyrics

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Rise (pt 1)              
Same Lyrics but rockin’ electrified

 available on Synchronistic Wanderings


Strawberry Wine   Lyrics
River of Love                        

Purgatory                                 Lyrics

Papa’s Roses                           Lyrics

Angry                                        Lyrics

At This Time                          Lyrics

In These Times      Lyrics

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Go                             Lyrics
Have It All            

Sorry                       Lyrics

Not currently available

for digital download.
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Days of the New


Flight Response     Lyrics

The Real                                  Lyrics

Enemy                                       Lyrics

Weapon & the Wound   Lyrics

Take Me Back Then             Lyrics

Bring Yourself       Lyrics

I Think                                      Lyrics

Phobics of Tragedy               Lyrics

Not the Same                          Lyrics

Provider                   Lyrics

Last One                                  Lyrics

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Crashed   Lyrics

What I Want          Lyrics

There and Back Again   Lyrics

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap     Lyrics

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Done Dirt Cheap

I have a live version purchased on Google Playoff a compilation called Rocks Greatest Hits Live


George Michael

Father Figure         Lyrics

Hard Day                Lyrics

Monkey   Lyrics

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Ozzy Osborne

Crazy Train                             Lyrics

No More Tears      Lyrics

Mama I’m Comin’ Home    Lyrics

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Judas Priest

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’  Lyrics

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INXS — Devil Inside  Lyrics

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David Bowie

As the World Falls Down    Lyrics

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Seal — Kiss From a Rose   Lyrics

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Lisa Loeb — Stay   Lyrics

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Duran Duran — Wild Boys  Lyrics

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Metallica — Enter Sandman  Lyrics

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Here Comes the Rain Again               Lyrics

Love is a Stranger                 Lyrics

Missionary Man    Lyrics

I Need a Man                          Lyrics

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Tubthumping                          Lyrics

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The Motels

Only the Lonely    Lyrics

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Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Do You Wanna Touch    Lyrics

Bad Reputation      Lyrics

Hate Myself for Loving You              Lyrics

Fetish      Lyrics

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Def Leppard

Let It Go                 Lyrics

Pour Some Sugar on Me      Lyrics

Women   Lyrics

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Dream On   Lyrics



Never                       Lyrics

Barracuda               Lyrics

Magic Man             Lyrics

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Any Way You Want It         Lyrics

Don’t Stop Believin’                             Lyrics

Open Arms                                               Lyrics

Chain Reaction                       Lyrics

Wheel in the Sky                    Lyrics

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Stevie Nicks


Edge of Seventeen                Lyrics

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around  Lyrics

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Wild Heart                              Lyrics

If Anyone Falls     Lyrics

Enchanted                                Lyrics

Gate and Garden   Lyrics

Nightbird                                 Lyrics

Nothing Ever Changes Lyrics

Purchase Wild Heart


Whole Lotta Trouble                             Lyrics

Rooms on Fire                                         Lyrics

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Fleetwood Mac

The Chain               Lyrics

Gold Dust Woman                Lyrics

Gypsy                       Lyrics

Dreams    Lyrics

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Selena Gomez & The Scene

Love You Like a Love Song              Lyrics

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Mr. Mister — Broken Wings  Lyrics

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The Fixx

One Thing Leads to Another              Lyrics

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Chris De Burgh

Lady in Red — Lyrics

Don’t Pay the Ferryman — Lyrics

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of Chris De Burgh


Charlie Daniels Band

Devil Went Down to Georgia — Lyrics

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Bonnie Tyler

Total Eclipse of the Heart — Lyrics

Holding Out for a Hero — Lyrics

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Love Ain’t No Stranger — Lyrics

Slow ‘n’ Easy — Lyrics

Slide It In — Lyrics

Still of the Night — Lyrics

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Billy Idol

Rock the Cradle of Love     Lyrics

To Be a Lover                         Lyrics