Ouroboros Pirates

Casual But Committed!


Are you tired of…

· two-faced groups that say one thing in the description and turn out to be the exact opposite?

· weak, wishy-washy, and unambitious leadership?

· being told how you must or must not produce your goods?

· high-score players doing the bare minimum in tournaments?

· being told how you may and may not trade?

· players telling you that you are playing wrong because you’re not doing it like they are?

· looking at high ranking groups but half the membership is inactive so they can’t make it past five chests in the tourney or rank well in the fellowship adventures?

· being told to you have to “interview” to join? (seriously, people? “interview” to play a game?)


Yeah, we are too!

You won’t get any of that crap in our fellowship.


Our Philosophy

We are casual players who become very competitive during Fellowship Adventures and want those prizes in the weekly tournament, especially Royal Restorations and Blue Prints.


We will gladly give advice when asked, and answer any questions we can…but you build however you want.

Your city is uniquely yours and there’s no wrong way to play.


We view the Elvengems Chapter Info pages more like guidelines than actual rules.

· You don’t have to build the number of guest race chapter buildings they say. I never have.

· You don’t have to finish every guest race chapter quest. We promise. I’ve stopped trying.

· You can use Portal Profits to your heart’s delight and click through all the quests, collecting rewards and declining things you didn’t do, when you open the next chapter. I love Portal Profits!!!


No one will lecture you on how you “should” do anything. The only thing that matters is that your city is progressing; you’re participating as much as you reasonably can; and you are driven to do well in the fellowship adventures and tournaments.


· No minimum score for joining. Your score will increase weekly through normal play. JUST PLAY.

· No minimum chapter for joining! You’ll work through the early ones quickly enough.

· No requirement for a trader before you join. We had one within an hour of starting the fellowship city and now there’s a specific slot at the start of chapter 2 that opens fellowships. You literally CANNOT join a fellowship until you get there, which means you already HAVE a trader.

· Why do people make up these stupid rules?

· They need to update their descriptions.

· No demands that you not produce non-boosted goods. Make ‘em if you want, but we are happy to help you with trades, even 1* or No * lopsided trades.

· In fact, you must have one (1) tier one non-boosted factory at its highest level when you reach chapter 12 (elementals).

· The Elementals page on Eleven Gems tells you which you need based on which is your boosted product.


Seriously, who comes up with this crap? Who has time to police all this crap?


Trading -- Post whatever trades you want! No special codes needed. If you drained your goods, just say so in chat. We’ll help. NO ONE will tell you how you must or must not trade. Cross tier, lopsided, 1*/No* -- it’s YOUR choice, for your reasons. No one will complain.

· Those who complain will be told to shut up and mind their business. At the same time, no one is obligated to take trades they don’t like, so make your choices accordingly.

· When taking trades, do so within your comfort zone.

· If an offer is too rich for your resources, don’t take it. No doubt someone else will.

· Help where you can, when you can, to the degree you can. We need active players, not martyrs.

· We understand you have neighbors that you trade with as well as Fellowship members. You are under no obligation to take FS trades first. How would anyone even know? Control freaks make such stupid rules.

· The archmage will often have lopsided trades up so it can participate in tournaments and fill provinces for expansions. Helping it out would be nice, but you are under no obligation to take those trades. Empress Tyler is responsible for keeping the archmage supplied.


Ancient Wonders – Trading/Donating/Keeping

· Trading KP – We will have Wonder Society trading threads in 5, 10, and 20 KP. Use them or don’t, at your discretion.

· Donating KP -- Give however much you want to whomever you want – even the neighbors in your world map. There is no expectation of reciprocation.

· Keeping your KP -- If you want to keep your KP for your own AWs and research, that’s your choice; but if you don’t give to others, you won’t get extra runes for your own AWs.


Tournaments -- We want to be a weekly 10 chest group.

· Members who can manage it without destroying their resources will need to contribute a minimum of 1600 points a week to the tourney.

· If you destroy your resources, say so and put up trades and we’ll help you replenish.

· You should be able to do 1600 points comfortably by the time you’re in Dwarves.

· That means playing the game up to 5 days a week during the tournament.

· Please drop some Neighborly Help while you’re doing tourney tents. It benefits everyone.

· No one is going to tell you that you have to do so many tents per chapter you’re on, or how many stars to do them to.

· These rules mongers really need something better to do than chase players around, counting how many tents and stars they’ve done.


Fellowship Adventure – FAs in most groups are like herding cats because people can’t follow directions and won’t communicate.


We are a convoy, all following the same path together. We want to be a Top 50 FA team, and that requires serious team work in making goods for the maps, and not placing badges where they’ll be wasted.


· We want people who can pull together and get behind a plan to collect as many points as possible.

· If you can’t follow the plan or follow directions, you’re counterproductive and a hinderance.

· We have several strategies for maximizing badge collection while at the same time doing VERY well in tournaments.

· Follow the link at the top and bottom of this page to read those strategies.

· You are not required to follow all the strategies. No one will be looking over your shoulder to be sure you’re doing it how the strategy guides say. They are guides to show you how aspects of the game work together, not rules that will get your eye plucked out.

· FA-geared cities are welcome. The Archmage is growing to become one, owned by Empress Tyler.

· We all know how hard it is to get those blacksmiths, statues, and necklaces, so an FA-dedicated city is of tremendous help.

· We’ll do our best to help your FA city with trades and visits to keep it functioning.



Spire – We know it can be tough to do the spire and the tournaments. They overlap and it can be hard to build the resources and keep troop counts up, especially if you’re still a small city. Once you’re into Woodelves, it gets easier. It’s your choice to participate in the spire or not. The prizes can be well worth it, especially when you have the resources to get into the middle section. I (Empress Tyler) have only ever finished the spire once, and I have no intention of doing so again.


· Doing spire chests can help gain badges in the tourney, specifically Combining Catalysts.

· Doing spire chests during single player events can help with quests, specifically gaining spell frags.

· Spire chests often give time boosters, which help with finishing quests for upgrades, Magic Academy crafting (vision vapor), and enchantment production.

· Dwarven Armorer is very helpful for fighting through a few more chests. If you lay it right before you start your tournament chests on Tuesday, it will be active through the first day of the spire.




Personal Conflicts -- Any issues or concerns should be taken to the Archmage in private message, not aired in the chat. The Archmage’s decision is final.


Chat –We do not discuss hot-button topics of religion or politics. We’re here to have fun making our cities. Disruptive players will be removed.


Inactivity -- If you must be away for more than a couple days, TELL US.

· We reserve the right to remove inactive players as we find necessary.

· If you’re not participating, we will not keep you just because your score is high.



Bottom Lines:

It’s really not complicated. If you like to pitch in and pull your weight with other people who will pitch in and pull their weight, click join and let’s rock some boats!


If you like to help your fellow members in their moments of need; help new people learn and grow; and love to fill those tourney chests to plunder their rewards, click join.


If you’re new and getting your feet wet, looking for a fellowship to grow with that won’t be pushy or bossy, and want a group that will help you navigate those early chapters, help you understand guest races and “portal profits” work, and learn how to manage your Mana, click join!


If you’re looking for a fellowship to call home, where you won’t be scolded for operating within the stated rules, click join and be an Ouroboros Pirate!