The Anti –Primer


An anti-primer? What’s that? That’s a strange thing to call a book
that’s supposed to help people learn about something.


Most books covering concepts of dominance and submission have the intention of making it all perfectly gentle and palatable, holding the reader’s hand and making it food for the masses. Giving the erroneous impression  of “hey, everyone can live this so come join the party!”


Well, not my book.
not for everyone. It is not gentle and kind.
There are sharks here and this is not the kiddy pool.


This is serious stuff and people get hurt both physically and emotionally. Lives are turned inside out by a blind and obsessed knee-jerk
decision .“This is so totally me and now I’m going to be that too”
after reading a sorta kinky fiction book is not
how life decisions should be made.


Tough Love
So this book is me telling you to snap out of it and think about what
you’re doing.  Understand the facts and ramifications before you ruin
your life and the lives of your loved ones in your quest for the hot sex
and a way of life that is not as easy as it may look.


Fictions are fine. I’ve written many.

But they are not the real world.

50 of the lies most commonly told about BDSM activities and relationships are blown to bits in ways that only TylerRose. can do!


Her witty humor, biting sarcasm,
and a heapin’ helpful of
straight-to-the-heart bluntness

deliver many hard truths

others try desperately to avoid.


If you want fantasy,
read one of her 24 fiction novels.

This is about giving you the realities

others prefer to sweep under
the heaviest rug they can find.

BDSM & Power Exchange Lifestyle & Relationship Books

50 MORE lies told about BDSM activities and relationships.


Bullshit abounds regarding

this sexy subculture.


TylerRose. rips the lid off those lies.

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69 Shades & 50 Lies are both required reading

in an SM society near Tyler, Texas.

Many people have commented that they should be required reading

for anyone getting into this shit.

Just Released!


The 50 lies in the other books came from somewhere.

They came from answers given to the questions

people have asked in a variety of online kink forums.


It’s time to answer

some of those questions directly.


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