Empress Resplendent in Her Finery

Reveling in the Love of Her People


Twelve Years into her reign as the Empress of Gloriana,

Reah is struck by one of the mysteries of Gethis:

Why is Saipalus is so barren?

She embarks on a  quest of her own to solve it.

Or own it. Whichever.


In the process she comes face to face with her former god Parin. Angry and demanding retribution for turning her back

on him, she remembers why she hates to love him.


           And she  is reminded why it is best
not to dabble
in matters of the Gods of Gethis.



The Kirality — illustration by A.M. Parker

Marriage and Conquest?


Yes, please!


Marriages all around

for the young Princes and Princesses

of Gloriana Empire.


Treachery and betrayals fall in line
with Reah’s unspoken plans.


She just might fulfill the wish

of her late Mother-In-Law

and put her own sons and grandsons

on every throne on Gethis.


That is...If the Gods don’t

get in the way and ruin everything.


Reah finds herself where she ought not to be,
out of her place in time...out of the way.


What price must she pay

in order to get back to Preece?





Treachery, thy name is Family


Reah is recovering from her injuries as best she can,
but she is not the same person she was.


She has to re-learn everything about her life.

Relationships, her position as Empress of half the known world.


She has to re-learn who she is and find her personal power again.


Can she ever again be the person Preece fell in love with?




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