Crochet for Charity


I am very prolific when it comes to crocheting things. I had so many finished pieces at one point that I took it all to the Ronald McDonald House of NYC. Baby blankets/lap blankets, doll/baby sweaters, round gifty bags that would be perfect for carrying a few things to treatment days. At one point I was running a granny square exchange. Many of the blankets and caps below were given to me to donate for the maker. Many others were made from the squares I received during an exchange. Iíve played with colors and designs. Iíve turned granny squares into wrist warmers. Iíve made probably a hundred caps.


And I keep making. Iím teaching myself to quilt. I make them small enough to go into the cages and carriers, and my intent is that whatever blanket a cat is using when itís adopted goes home with it. That way they have something with their own smell on it and the entire new world isnít completely unfamiliar.


If you would like to donate yarn or fabric directly, just check my† Amazon CRAFTS Wish list for yarns and fabrics Iíd like to use. Right now itís mostly yarns.

The above items were made by others and sent to me to take to

Ronald McDonald House of NYC.

To donate money for the purchase of materials

or postage for shipping the finished quilts click
DONATE above and enter the amount.


It costs almost $6 to ship five finished quilts.

One big piece of batting is $15 plus shipping.

(See my wish list for the cost of various components.)

Items below were donated to
Ronald McDonald House of NYC

Part of January 2015ís donation

Februaryís Donation

Wildcare (
puts out a call in the spring for crocheted and knitted bird nests for rescued birds.
I sent them seven last year.


Itís basically my chemo cap pattern
with a rolled edge and turned upside down.


I make them all year and into next
and send them a boxful
when I think I have enough.

Upcoming Donation


I have a pile of little quilts pinned and ready to go through the sewing machine. Iím also crocheting some,
and crocheting little birds nest for rescue birds.


Iíll be giving them away throughout 2017.