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I saved nearly HALF off my old host by moving my domain.
Initial moving costs were only $20 (with a coupon code)† and that included 3 months of hosting.


Customer Service is super polite and patient and very informative when you have a problem within their realm of knowledge. Each rep knows different things.† They answer every question as best they can without making you feel like youíre stupid for not knowing. They understand most of us arenít computer school grads.


But if you have a software theyíre not familiar with (Publisher, in my case),

they wonít be able to help much when you have upload problems.

One of the best and easiest ways to take credit and debit cards right on your phone or tablet. I know a number of vendors who use Square for flea markets and they love it.


I got my reader in a matter of days when Intuit took four months.

Self-publish on Amazon through Kindle!


Itís actually very easy so long as you pay attention to the details.


I love to play online word games and slot machines.

This site has tons, plus card and board games.

National Weather Service
Enhanced Radar Image


National Radar Loop

Because Iím a geek like that.

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High Impact Covers

Pre-made and Custom
book covers

I found the cover for
Too Long a Soldier here.