Coming soon as I can finish them
and in no particular order

Gethis: History of a Planet


Stories of several Deliverers and Executioners. How Preece became Executioner and Reme became Deliverer. Includes the story of the first Deliverer; Jany arriving in the Unadan court (left off in Arlyn); what happened to Valek’s half-sister Alice while she was on the little island nation off the coast of Mida; and Janet traveling back in time 500 years to become the Prophetess of Tridor, among others.


Napir’s Librarian

The many lives of the soul marked to be Napir’s bride

Where Reah and Preece’s private slave came from

Sins of Amaris
How a spoiled Princess met and hated her husband and rose to be an Empress

Gods of Gethis

How the calendar changed from “Year of Piran” to “Year of Our Lord Napir”
 (2020—No, I’m not kidding)


adventures of Parin’s Martinet after her time with Queen Reah (Unknown)


Peeper Indomitable
Her oldest sons have chosen their brides and her enemies have chosen their paths.
In a callous act of revenge, Reah is stolen and taken across the sea.

The repercussions will reverberate around Gethis when Preece catches up to them.




And many more!
There are 25,000 years of human history for me to write.
Titles are subject to change, of course, and I will add to this list
as I think of new novels to write.





News ‘n’ Stuff


Hey, what about the book you’re writing RIGHT NOW??

You ARE writing something...RIGHT?!

Yep. I’m working in three parts of Peeper Indomitable. There might be so much story that I make a sixth...or even a seventh...Peeper novel.