Kingdom Key


I decided to make several books that take place

during events of the main Kingdom Key saga.

Misadventures of the Brigade


A series of shorter books about life

within various units within the Brigade.


The first “Bringing Up BeyBey”

covers the 40-some days the Brigade was responsible for minding the baby dragon bird Tyler brought home in There and Back Again.


Look for it Spring 2022

Covers will be finalized when the book is being written.

Princess Advocate Adelaide

will pick up either in Rise or Dream On

of my Kingdom Key series.


We follow Princess Adelaide as she steps out from her mother’s considerable shadow to become her own woman.


And has to clean up the mess left behind when her mother evolved into a universe-creating goddess and took billions of people with her from all around the Milky Way galaxy.


Look for her mid to late 2022.

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