Peeper of Gloriana

The third installment of the Peeper saga continues the traditions of treachery, double dealing and back-stabbing that weíve come to expect and love from the royal families of Gethis.

Preece has Murabet--and Reah--well in hand, but the schemes of his mother and brother never end. While heís gone back to Mida to deal with them once and for all, a gut-wrenching accident causes a pregnant Reah to lose herself maybe a little too much to her obsession with her new-found god. Dohan and Jacek do their best to get through to her but they may be too late to stop her downward spiral. She might lose her crown to a pretender if she canít pull herself together and out of the clutches of a god who doesn't want to let her go.

There is betrayal among friends as Preece's most secret of secrets is found out and he does what must be done to keep control of his slave-wife. He earns the ire of his greatest ally, his god Parin, and his penance might be the end of his time as King of Murabet and Mida and the end of him altogether.

Reah must learn to live without the man who saved her life and her sanity; who saved her throne, saved her people from plague and drought. Can she see her country through an incredible Industrial Revolution without the man whose foresight and planning skills started it all?

Bridging the gap between the old ways and the new world they are creating, she has to do things she never thought she was capable of. In order to keep her throne and her marriage and protect her ally the Brother King of the Stepping Stone Isles, she could lose the love of her people.

Will she ever be safe while the crown is on her head? Who can step in and take her In Hand to protect her from herself?

In this volume, we meet more family members and visit with old friends. Loyalties and resolve are tested. And the rules of love and marriage are rewritten.

Parinís Amulet

Illustrated by

A.M. Parker

Marudia Palace

2nd Floor

Marudia Palace

3rd Floor


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