The Cottage

 Short Story action/horror in which world famous biographer and fully declared,
card-carrying Slave Cayna gets far more than she bargained for in allowing Sir Phares to get close while she writes her next book. 


A study of the result of the transformation of Mastery and Slavery in Mida that takes place decades after Raine’s story.  A gruesome example of what happens to evil people on Gethis.  If she’s rescued in time to save her sanity from the dark rituals of  Phares and his friends, Cayna will be forever changed.

Evil’s Heart

A short story revealing the secrets of the island Kumetis. People go in, but do not come out. Reme, the new Deliverer, goes in to see for himself and finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the Gods of Gethis...and learning a harsh lesson he won’t forget. 


Provided, of course, he survives
and manages to get out.

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“Oh holy Swiss cheese! Really? I will never question spirits again. And I will not stay in a haunted place Definitely a wild ride! “

I own that whip!