Auntie Tylerís Crochet Garden


My personally developed crochet patterns,

wit and a story or two.


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Thanks to an unscrupulous seller who is trying to sell ďusedĒ print copies they donít actually have

(one for $71 and six for $33),

I have removed this book in print form on and CreateSpace.


If you want a print copy,

the price is $14 plus $3 shipping.

I actually have several on hand.


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My next book of crochet patterns & other crafts will be


Color Tells the Tale


Simple crafts and patterns any beginner can do ó or an experienced crochet artist who wants fast and easy ideas to keep hands busy. Getting really good at it doesnít always mean you want to move on to difficult patterns.


I personally prefer to keep it simple and fast, as I crochet for my own enjoyment and not to impress others with how difficult it looks. I prefer economy of motion and something that occupies my hands more than my brain, thus freeing the brain to listen to a documentary or other television show.


Rather than focusing on fancy stitches and intricate patterns, this will be a book of simple stitches and patterns that let the beauty of the yarn come through and several other do it yourself crafts like lip balm and hand salve.


Iím beginning to put this together. I donít have an expected release date, as some projects going into it are still being made. I do have one pattern to my tester now, so progress IS being made, I swear!