The Beleagrrred Sadist

50 Shades of OH SH*T!

50 Shades Sh*ttier

ANOTHER 50 Shades of OH SH*T!


A collection of chicken skratch cartoons Iíve (very badly) drawn to poke fun at a wide range of concepts, misconceptions, stereotypes and silly situations found in the real world and cyberland realms of BDSM.


Follow our Beleagrrred Sadist, his girl Sweetiekins and their friends on adventures in the book store, at first meetings, jury duty, at play parties and clubs and intheir own homes! Join them as they encounter all manner of idiots and wannabes who give all deviants a bad name.


Print version has cartoons on one side of the page. Color them if you like!
Scan or photograph them and send it to me in a message on FB.

Other side can be used as aa journal to record your thoughts on
the lesson of the cartoon, or whatever.

50 Shades Sh*ttier

ANOTHER 50 Shades of OH SH*T!

Horizontal Scroll: ~~ Winner~~
2014 Bondage Award

After winning the award for

Best Bondage Comic Artist,

I put all of my cartoons up to that date into one volume.

Coming Eventually

The 3rd book:


Yet Another
50 Shades

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