Pronunciation Key


AKA: How the hell do you say that???

As a writer whose work takes place mostly off Earth, it is inevitable that I will have to make up words. I have to make up how they are spelled, how they are pronounced, and only I know how they are pronounced. The reader is often left to figure it out on their own. Sometimes they’ll guess correctly. Other times they won’t.


I had toyed with the idea of adding pronunciations to the page for each book. But I figured it would probably be better to have a single page and put them all onto it. So here it is.


Each column will have a character, place or thing in its book spelling followed by the phonetic pronunciation to my best approximation. Some will have meanings across both the Gethis and Kingdom Key series. I will state what that thing is for both.


If there are others you think should be included, just drop me a line:

Characters for Gethis


Aisus — AY-sus

Ande -- AN-dee
Axlar -- AX-l'ar
Ditious — DEE-shus
Dohan -- DOE-han

Echie -- EEEE-cheee
Eklur — ECK-lure
Jacek -- JAY-seck
Kelen -- KEY-len
Morcone -- MORE-cone
Moros -- MORE-ohse

Napir — NAY-peer
Nion -- n'EYE-on
Parin — PAR-ihn
Piran — PEER-an
Preece -- Pr-EEse
Quye -- guy

Rainko -- RAIN-koh
Rigio -- REE-gee-oh
Triba -- TREE-buh
Valek -- VAL-eck


Characters for Kingdom Key


Pisod — PIE-zod
Shestna — SHAYst-nuh

Encito — En-SEE-toe

Curlein — CUR-lain


Places on Gethis

Ciaicka -- sigh-ai-kuh
Gethis — gay-this (soft th like in thistle)
Kumetis — cue-met-us

Mida -- mee-duh
Murabet -- murrr (like purr) -abet

QaN'del -- kahn-dell

Saipalus -- sigh-paul-us
Schaark -- shark
Sholan — Show-lan

Tridor -- try-door
Unada -- you-nah-dah or ooh-nah-dah, depending on where the character is from.


Places in Kingdom Key


K’Tran — K is silent. TRAN

Taveragers — TAV-err-eeeg-eeez

Sistair — SIS-tare

Things on Gethis

Psala— p is silent sah-lah — a fruit and its tree


Things in Kingdom Key

Psala— p is silent sah-lah — a sacred flower on Voran III