Text Box: The Culpation League

A prison like no other. An opulent manor with a maximum security prison containing over 100 condemned prisoners at all times. 
Atop a mountainous plateau with a golf course, swimming pool 
and private bungalows, it’s the ultimate gilded cage for some. 
A nightmare of hell for others.

A private gentlemen’s club where lawmakers and power brokers make interplanetary policy while playing with shared sex slaves. Filled with erotic delights, distractions and delicacies, the membership fee pays for the privilege of executing prisoners whenever they choose, wherever they choose, however they choose, 

For any reason or for no reason. 
Just because they feel like it.
Anywhere on the grounds or within the manor,
With voyeurs or privately,
Before the sex, after the sex, during the sex.

It’s all legal on Deek'Trai V, soon to be member planet within the 
Celestial Congress of the Milky Way, because the manner of death 
is never prescribed in the sentence.

And there’s no such thing as cruel and unusual punishment.

Fetishes and fantasies explored, some in detail and some through suggestion: Business suits/naked female, water bondage, forced cam performance, masturbation denial and punishment, Headmaster/schoolgirl, caning, spanking, collaring, humiliation, ending a life, 
human serving platter, food play, human ashtray, imprisonment, 
gang bang, orgy. And that’s just in the first story.
Text Box: Three Short Stories

“Have Your Cake” centers around Paxanne. A bad man did a bad thing to her friend and Pax makes sure he pays for it. In doing so, she finds herself trapped and negotiates her way into the Manor.
Once there, she finds her darkest fantasies and worst nightmares have come to life. Obey and submit, 
whether you like it or not, or be killed for being too much trouble. That is the way of the Manor.
She finds an unexpected ally. And by the end we wonder who is the hunter and who the prey?

“Selective Correction” is about a young man searching himself for who and what he really is. Living in a society in which cross dressing and homosexuality are illegal makes it difficult on a man who doesn’t care to bed women because he feels he should be one himself, and is sexually attracted to men.
Jailed for impersonating a female, forced to defend himself against the people who should love him regardless, Charles arrives at the Manor with no idea what is in store for him. He might be able to live as a woman, but the cost is everything else in life. Including his life, if he’s not pleasing to the exacting Culpation League.

Anger Issues — Mally is trapped in a nightmare world of pain and memory lapses that she has no control over. 
She had found her way out, implemented her plan perfectly. It was fool-proof. Her torment would be over soon.
Until the judge remands her to State Prison 23 and they learn their secret.
Her perfect plan has turned into another nightmare all its own because they refuse to kill her.
Text Box: How It Works
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3rd Story