Thanks to some unscrupulous sellers on who like to try to sell my books for twice the retail price Iíve set (please, there is NO WAY my Beleagrrred Sadist book is worth twenty eight damn dollars!), retailers can only order my books THROUGH ME.


I offer them for 40% off the retail price just like Ingram.


Youíll receive them directly from the printer.


I get my royalties, you can sell for full retail price and make your money and weíre all happy.


My reputation as a seller in both Ebay and PayPal is perfect across several thousand transactions. You donít get those kinds of numbers by screwing over your clients.


Email me at for the PDF ORDER FORM for my books.

Fill it out, scan and email it back to me.


Or tell me in an email how many you want and provide the other information asked for on the form (including your tax id number).


I will send you an invoice with appropriate shipping charges (which are determined by the printer, not me), you pay the invoice and I put in the order.


The printer has had a very quick turnaround time so far.

Information for Retailers