Kingdom Key

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Book 1: Searching For the Kingdom Key

Book 2: Shadows of the Night
Book 3: Too Long a Soldier 

Book 4: Dirty Deeds
Book 5: Purgatory
Book 6: Out of the Ruins

Book 7: There and Back Again

Book 8 Ties That Bind
Book 9:  Rise
Book 10: Dream On

Music figures large in the telling of this saga.
Soundtrack lists are for listening to while you read, if you so choose. They help to set the tone for the novels.
Some of the most important songs
are listed HERE with links to lyrics.

For simplicity (and for now), songs are sorted first by artist and then the albums on which they appear.

Tyler Brooks always knew Earth was small and insignificant. Looking up to the sky, knowing there was more, she could not have guessed at her future for all the riches on the planet.

Unexpected psionic abilities emerging whether she wants them or not, thrust into a galactic society she didn't know existed, she has to sink or swim on her own. Not knowing who to trust, it sure seems like no one is willing to help unless it benefits them.

Stepping onto a space station for the first time, knowing no one, she has more enemies than friends...and a host of would-be lovers she finds hard to keep at arm's length.

Who is the enemy and who the lover? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Everyone has their secrets and their agendas. They all want to own her, control her...or kill her. She has to find out who is who and what is what, and put together the puzzle of her existence when no one else wants her to.

The second book in the Kingdom Key series picks up where the first left off.

Tyler has determined who her enemies are. Now she has to decide if she's willing to give up  everything she has -- and everything she might have -- for the possibility of a distant but glorious maybe.

Personal tragedies make it easy to say yes. Her most passionate love makes it impossible to say no.
She must overcome her deepest regrets and doubts that cloud her. She must conquer her own fear before it rules her.

She has to make the single most difficult decision of her life if she's ever going to fulfill her ultimate purpose.

Reborn a fiery redhead, Tyler is back on Earth with a plan in one hand and vengeance in the other. Knowing who can and cannot be trusted won’t make her life any easier. Knowing what will happen,

and when, isn’t a guarantee that she can stop the alien invasion bearing down on her home world.


Knowing who and what she is — a goddess developing in violent leaps and bounds—doesn’t mean

she likes the idea. Or accepts it.


She’s tired, of so many things. She’s been...Too Long a Soldier.

Tyler finally gets the chance to live her life how she wants; but finds there are too many things she has to do first before she can indulge much in the simple freedoms.


She finds herself taking actions and righting wrongs others are too afraid to take on.


She, and her newly formed army, will do the dirty deeds no one else has the guts—or the balls—to do.

Trust and Consequences

There comes a point when you’ve pushed  the Universe more than you should…

And the Universe smacks you back.
~~ Hard ~~

There comes a time when you’ve driven your enemies to the wall…And they start to come for you.

Tyler finds herself back where she started in far too many ways. Once again wondering if friends really are friends or if they are enemies in disguise.

The men around her realize the games are over. It’s about to get little too real.

When Does Punishment End?


Picking up where Purgatory left off, Tyler is trapped in an endless night  of assassins and arguments.  Drastic action gets her out of it for a while…But she has to go back sooner or later.


Whether or not the right decisions were made, the time comes to pick up the pieces of a life left on hold for seventy years.


Somewhere inside that blank façade of perfect regal control is the fire that once was Tyler. Landra Ahr’s desperate attempts to get her back may bring about the extreme changes necessary for all their futures.


Or will result in further ruin.

A Time to Love

In the midst of personal tragedy, Jerome and Tyler find their way back to each other.

What forces will try to drive them apart this time?
How far into their future selves will they evolve?

Peace can be its own curse for two warriors always up for a good fight.

Never piss off the bride on her wedding day.

The end of the galactic chess game is nearing.


With Tyler’s sudden rise, a thousand would-be assassins seek their opportunities.


An encounter with a planet made of solid Crystal, infused with the power of the Universe, brings about her most startling metamorphosis.


Jerome thought he had a tiger by the tail before. Now she’s a whole new animal.

The end game is here.


Old enemies come out of the woodwork and reveal themselves at last.


It’s time for Hades to come home.


Immortality is imminent.


If she doesn’t crash and burn and destroy the entire galaxy in the process.

Characters With More Than One Name
Some of the male characters have more than one name they are known by, depending on where they are and who they are with.


Jerome is known as Tiberius by motorcycle club members.


Hades is known as Kevin Neiland in his professional life as an attorney on Earth and Nails by motorcycle club members.


Hermes is known as Dicer by motorcycle club members, and also Grayson Farrell (mentioned only once or twice).


Thomas Holmes is also known as Odin.


Vaughn Ilkman is also known as Thor

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