Gethis: History of a Planet

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The Cottage

 Short Story action/horror in which world famous biographer and fully declared,
card-carrying Slave Cayna gets far more than she bargained for in allowing
Sir Phares to get close while she writes her next book. 


A study of the result of the transformation of Mastery and Slavery in Mida that takes place decades after Raine’s story.  A gruesome example of what happens to evil people on Gethis.  If she’s rescued in time to save her sanity from the dark rituals of  Phares and his friends, Cayna will be forever changed.

Evil’s Heart

A short story revealing the secrets of the island Kumetis. People go in, but do not come out. Reme, the new Deliverer, goes in to see for himself and finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the Gods of Gethis...and learning a harsh lesson he won’t forget. 


Provided, of course, he survives and manages to get out.

The Healer

Raine’s journey through the stars to help a sick people is rudely interrupted by mercenaries looking for a healing machine. They quickly find she’s not a machine and her ability to heal others and herself become favored playthings. 


She is slave to the sadism of powerful men and finds herself face to face with the only Master she ever loved.  The one she secretly remembered alone in her bed.  The one who could rule her with a soft word, whose brutal love she craved most. 


Together they will change the course of Mastery and Slavery in Mida...and at long last she will learn the facts of her birth and fulfill her purpose.


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Gethis, Planetary Overview

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The child Harmen rescued from the auction block has grown into
a young woman with her own mind and a determination that could
only come from the gods.


In order to keep her, he must let her go. They strike a bargain and she is
off on her own  adventures for the first time in her life.


Forced to work for Piran as the Deliverer, Arlyn may be an Adjutant
who works for those who cannot help themselves, but she is no Apostle.
Her disdain for her employer is evident and unshakeable.


Harmen is the believer, the Apostle upholding Piran as his revered goddess.

 Last Holy Woman of Mida


The story of how a young holy woman of  Mother Mountain became the scheming Queen Ande who manipulates
everyone and everything to further her own ends.


Can her soul be redeemed
or will she forever burn in Parin’s Pit?

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and  the illustrations of the Circlet Palace,
Parin’s amulet, and the Kirality.

Pronunciation Key — In case you’re not sure how to pronounce some character or place names,

see if it’s included here on this page.

Click the cover to go to Peeper Indomitable’s page
and the illustrations of the Circlet Palace,
Parin’s amulet, and the Kirality.

Book 6 of the Peeper saga.
Volume 14 of the Gethis series.

Treachery, thy name is family.

Volume 13 of the Gethis series.

What happened to Lany after she was ejected from the Purdah in Arlyn the Deliverer?

This is Marok.


We met him in Arlyn the Deliverer.

We saw his first, botched, assignment in

First Queen of Unada.

Get to know him a little.


His first full novel will be out later in 2021.

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