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Auntie Tyler’s Crochet Garden
Complete Award Winning Beleagrrred Sadist

Evil’s Heart/The Cottage

Arlyn the Deliverer

Peeper Ascendant

Peeper of Gloriana
Peeper Resplendent

Last Holy Woman of Mida

The Healer



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It happens now and then that some rip off seller in Amazon.com tries to sell one of my books “used and in stock” for four times what the book normally sells for. Or more. There’s a seller right now who has my crochet book for $79. Well, they do NOT have a copy, used or otherwise. If you buy it, they still have to order it. The principle o f the thing so offends me that I will take it off availability in print form for a couple weeks to make that listing disappear and then put it back up.


If you do not see a book available in print in Amazon.com (except for Culpation League and my Tao Teh Ching because they’re not finished yet), you can always come to me and purchase a copy directly from ME. I try to always have copies on hand to minimize any waiting on my end. I have them at Amazon.com’s price or maybe 50 cents lower to make a round number.