Oft Asked Questions
In no particular order or arrangement

These are actual questions that I have been asked.

Q:Re: Peeper ó My gosh these royals fuck a lot and play with their slaves a lot.
Donít they have to, you know, rule the country???


A: Yes, indeed they do have to rule the country.

But pleasure slaves are not† privy to meetings with ambassadors.
They do not sit in on Council meetings. They do not sit in on negotiations.


They see the slave hall where they sleep and are groomed for use.
They see Masterís private chamber. They see the audience chamber.

They see whatever they are privileged to see when Master takes them outside of walls.


This is Peeperís story, not the story of how Mida is run.
We see what SHE sees, in large part, with some insight into other characters as needed.

Q: Is there any particular order I should read your Gethis books in?


A: Just look at the Volume Number in Amazon and youíll have the order in which I released them. Thatís the best order to read them in. You can, however, read the five Peeper novels in order without reading any of the others.

Q: I own a book store and want to resell your books in trade paperback. Can I do that?


A: Yes! Go to the RETAILERS link in the yellow menu.

Q: A couple of the reviews on Amazon are rather nasty. Were they reading the same book I was?


A: I donít really think they read much of anything.


Some people write hateful things just because they donít like me or Iím competition and a threat in some way.
Itís an act of spite and nothing more. The person cannot reach me to hurt me personally, so they stab at my book instead. Itís very childish.


Thereís a comment about Ascendant being so very different from Peeper, which I find very confuzzling because the first HALF of Peeper Ascendant used to be the last THIRD of Peeper. I cleaved it off mid-chapter to make Ascendant.


But if my writing style changed a bit during that time, youíll just have to forgive me. Peeper was started when I was around 27ish years old and wasnít published until I was nearly 40. Yes, a person is going to change in that time. They grow, they mature, they develop a more distinct style as the years pass and they write more and more and more. That I do not apologize for.

Q: Are you drawing analogies and parallels with the bdsm scene on Earth? Or making some sort of commentary about how things are done on Earth?




Iím writing fiction novels. Those novels contain philosophies of various natures that make up societies and individuals. Iím not making any commentary on anything, except that Iíve read some really CRAPPY erotica and decided to write what I damn well wanted to read.


So I am! Nothing more.


A story is what it is. I usually know where Iím going to end up ó actually finished the ending of Last Holy Woman before going back to rewrite the beginning and create the middle. I might know a couple places in the middle I want to hit, especially if those things were mentioned in another novel. But largely a novel writes itself as I go along. I donít do an outline. I donít plot it all out before I start writing. I cannot work that way.


A book becomes what it needs and wants to become.

Q: I love your work so much. I really want to send you some small gift. How do I do that?


A: Seriously, I have had a number of people ask this question. One actually found my Amazon.com wish list and anonymously gifted me a $10 gift card (bought a small wood planer with it!), so this isnít me being greedy. A gift is entirely unnecessary.


The greatest gift you could give me is to turn someone else on to my books.


I started my wish list for my husband, as an easy way for him to see what things Iíd been wanting. But if you insist you simply must send me/us or Duchess something, you can access it here: Amazon.com Wish list ó just look at the categories on the left side of the screen. The address should be there. If not, just email me at dametyler@hotmail.com.


I go through it periodically to remove things Iíve bought myself and add other things and prices range from under three bucks (for my favorite black pearl erasers) up to a $200 sewing machine Iíve been coveting. I recently added a bunch of coffees. I love coffee.

Q: Do you have a blog?


A: Yes, I do. But Iím not a good blogger. lol
Dame Tyler on WordPress

Youíll interact with me far more in Facebook and Fetlife.
Iím far more prolific on those two sites.

I post reviews and some op/ed pieces to my blog.

Q: In some countries you say coins.
In others you say dollars. What gives?


A: As on Earth, not every country of Gethis
uses the same monetary system.

Q: There are some little inconsistencies. Dates that donít quite match up details that arenít the same in two different books. What gives?


A: Those darned historians. They really do try very hard to get it all right. But many are working from documents that are old or missing lines and pages, or have rips and tears, or were partially burned. And history is written by the victors. They always have their own personal bias and spin on what happened.


Consider also that there are (technically) two time lines. A second line was created when Janet was swept back in time 500 years and started changing things. So is that difference coming from the first time line? Or is it a result of the second? Or...hm.


Do you really want to get into the quantum mechanics of it? I sure donít. Letís just let all that go and stick with ďearnest historians donít always get it perfectly correct.Ē k?