Arlyn the Deliverer

The story of the only female Deliverer of Gethis.
Found on an auction block at the age of twelve by a Piran’s Priest, Arlyn is a young girl
totally unprepared to be the tool of justice and right for a devious and vengeful goddess.

She grows up all too soon, a lone sister among many brothers,
and Harmen hasn’t noticed the young woman she’s become…Until someone else notices.


Also contains the story of how the city states of Gadiza become the country of Zinland
and the beginning of the story of Unada’s first Queen.

This novel also introduces Parin’s Martinet, a female instrument of the God Parin’s harsh lessons. And Marok, the arrogant soldier eventually to become Deliverer in Arlyn’s place.


Arlyn learns some truths while sorting out who in Gadiza is in danger,
and moves mountains to free herself from Piran.


Three seemingly separate storylines
come together in one monumental moment in Gethis’ history.


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Horizontal Scroll: ~~ Winner~~
2014 Bondage Award


The child Harmen rescued from the auction block has grown into
a young woman with her own mind and a determination that could
only come from the gods.


In order to keep her, he must let her go. They strike a bargain and she is
off on her own  adventures for the first time in her life.


Forced to work for Piran as the Deliverer, Arlyn may be an Adjutant
who works for those who cannot help themselves, but she is no Apostle.
Her disdain for her employer is evident and unshakeable.


Harmen is the believer, the Apostle upholding Piran as his revered goddess.


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Arlyn the Deliverer