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TylerRose. is a pseudonym, of course. 
The author lives in NYC and crochets for family and charity, 
and never ceases to write. She is a real world, experienced sadomasochist. 

No doubt she will die with a pen in her hand and a thesaurus open on her thigh.

As Matron Morven
at the 2010
Medieval Festival

More Personal Stuff About the Author


I love making captions. Below are some of my personal favorites that I’ve made.

I love animals and documentaries — things I can learn from. I also like the Showtime productions of The Tudors,
The Borgias and the HBO series Rome. I enjoyed the first three and a half seasons of Vikings. Plus Downton Abbey. And Riddick. (pause to go weak in the knees) I so love that character...and Vin isn’t half bad himself.


I play a few casual games online. In Facebook. I play a few games in Pogo. I prefer to play Scrabble with robots. Robots just make mad faces when I open with a seven letter word, and they sit there and take it like good little slaves. People curse at me and leave the game. lol


I have very busy hands outside of writing as well. I taught myself to crochet when I quit smoking back in 2000.

Taught myself embroidery, cross stitch, simple quilting, to make jewelry, to burn wood and make staves and other fun things. I absolutely MUST have something to do with my hands. From that came some of my favorite cartoons in my Beleagrrred Sadist series, in the “worst punishments” section.


Anything else you wanna know?

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oh chit!  I Busted!




48 Yrs Old

How a TylerRose.

novel gets written

My New Look!

April, 2021

52 years old


Yup, gained a little weight. Also beat uterine cancer, gave up wigs,

and started going to sex parties.